A collection of success stories from SAHABAT FLS consist of:

The Rule of Three

Story from: Septyaningrum (Tya), Muhammad Hafidz Amrallah (Hafidz) and Ahmad Adhany (Dhany).

Young and debt-free

Story from: Muhamad Ridwan

Do things that interest you the most

Story from: Agil Krisna Rivanda

Doing business while studying

Story from: Dilma’aarij Riski Agustia

SWOT for getting a job

Story from: Sultonnur Rosid

A journey to financially independence

Story from: Dea Selviasari

A cup of success

Story from: Iyara Novi Fajriati

The Power of Self-Confidence

Story from: M. Abdul Wahid Ulya

Setting Goals

Story from: Ganisthia Wardhani Sumitra

Overcome fear and get out from comfort zone

Story from: Theodorus Disertia Hia


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